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Bioenergy Europe 2008
Wann? 18.02.2008 - 19.02.2008
Wo? UK-SW7 4LH London, Millennium Gloucester Hotel, 4-18 Harrington Gardens
Was? At Bioenergy Europe 2008 you will be brought right up-to-date on the latest
EU legislation and incentive schemes that aim to produce a dramatic increase in the use of biomass and biofuels across the 25 member states. You will benefit from insights and analysis from top-level specialists from a broad range of organisations, including:
- Impacts of legislation, tax incentives and subsidies on biofuels investment
- Food vs fuel - the land-use debate
- Bioenergy and the carbon markets
- Certification and environmental issues
- Byproducts and their economic importance
- Raising finance for bioenergy companies
- Biobutanol and the next generation of biofuels
- Problems and opportunities in biofuels trading
- Developments in eastern Europe

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