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The First Global Biogas Congress
Wann? 27.11.2007 - 28.11.2007
Wo? B-1000 Brüssel, Renaissance Hotel
Was? The First Global Biogas Congress will bring you the latest on government initiatives to support biogas production, new technological developments and a key insight into the range of projects being undertaken in Europe, the USA and Asia to capture methane for use in heating, electricity generation and vehicle fuel.

As pressure increases on landfill operators to effectively reduce the environmental impact of waste, new waste-to-energy schemes have sprung up across the world. Gary Crawford, Vice President of the Greenhouse Gas Department at Veolia Environmental Services will outline the variety of international projects they are pioneering in the capture of landfill gas and how they have leveraged the benefits of the CDM.

Jake Stewart, Vice President of Strategic Development for Organic Fuels will share his knowledge of integrating biogas and biofuels operations. Jake has a wide experience of broad-based

renewables and prior to his current role he worked for Biodiesel Industries who own the Texas-based biodiesel plant fuelled by biogas. Hear the latest on this type of system and assess the huge potential for the integration of biogas and biofuels in "closed loop" production processes.

Hear from Sanne Mohr, Special Projects Manager for ENGVA, who are actively promoting biogas as a renewable source of vehicle fuel and who are heavily involved in the BIOGASMAX Project. You will be able to share a vehicle manufacturer's perspective on the viability of biogas as a fuel for CNG vehicles and follow the continued successes that Sweden has witnessed in their efforts to promote biogas as a vehicle fuel.

The First Global Biogas Congress will enable you to examine strategies from leading biogas producers on how to successfully plan for and operate a biogas plant. This includes an in-depth analysis of the opportunities and challenges facing biogas producers in securing finance and what your organisation can do to attract funding for biomethane and landfill gas projects.

The First Global Biogas Congress is an unrivalled opportunity for you to hear the latest developments in the biogas industry and develop strategies to commercialise biogas for heat and electricity generation and as a vehicle fuel.
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