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"Fifth European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns - Sevilla 2007"
Wann? 21.03.2007 - 24.03.2007
Wo? ES-xx Seville, xx
Was? "Taking the Commitments to the Streets"

The City of Seville and the partners of the European Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign are pleased to invite you to the Fifth European Conference on Sustainable Cities and Towns - Taking the Commitments to the Streets.

Join us for the opportunity to meet with more than 1000 delegates committed to sustainability. The Conference builds on the success and tradition of European local governments to meet, to exchange and to concretely commit to advancing sustainability in Europe. It follows the series of conferences held in Aalborg 1994, Lisbon 1996, Hannover 2000, and Aalborg 2004.

Gain an insight of the progress and achievements in local sustainability in Europe, made through the implementation of the Aalborg Commitments and Aalborg Charter, and thus to foster sustainability in your own city or town.

Discover recently developed tools, instruments and knowledge that can support your city or town in its efforts to accelerate sustainability.
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