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The Childstreet2005 conference
Wann? 24.08.2005 - 26.08.2005
Wo? NL- Delft, The Netherlands, City Hall
Was? An international, interdisciplinary, interactive work conference on the evaluation, design and development of a child-friendly public space, geared for playing, walking and cycling.

The Childstreet2005 conference brings together parents, politicians, planners, pressure groups, professionals, practitioners and other people to address one of the most pressing challenges facing local government today: how can we facilitate children's needs for playing and independent (walking and cycling) mobility in ever busier cities?

The conference employs a mix of formats to ensure that the small group of interdisciplinary participants is actively involved throughout. Presentations, discussions, design workshops and excursions in Delft and The Hague are offered. Illustrated examples from the Netherlands and the rest of the world will provide an overview of the state of the art in finding ways to use scarce city space optimally for people, not for cars. Particular attention will be paid to the Dutch woonerf (living yard, residential and recreation area). The original concept will be studied and current woonerf practice compared with both 30km areas and pedestrian zones. Similar solutions (home zone, wohnstrasse, cours urbaines) realised in different countries, with or without the original woonerf sign, will be studied and reasons for similarities and differences identified.
Network of Child Friendly Cities in the Netherlands
Email: Childstreet2005@urban.nl
URL: http://www.urban.nl/childstreet2005/index.htm
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