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"Green Week 2005"
Wann? 31.05.2005 - 03.06.2005
Wo? BE- Brüssel,
Was? "Get to Grips with Climate Change."

Climate change is happening. Over the past century the average temperature has risen by more than 0.6° Celsius globally and by almost 1°C in Europe. An overwhelming majority of the world's climate experts believe most of the warming is caused by human activities which emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

Green Week 2005 will look at all aspects of climate change and in particular at the human factor. Our way of life, production, consumption and transport need to change if we want to halt global warming.

Green Week encourages everyone to "think aloud" about how we can all change our environmental behaviour. It is aimed at local, regional and national decision-makers, businesses, non-governmental organisations and the general public. DG Environment will bring stakeholders and experts together to provide the Commission with the knowledge and views to help us further develop effective climate change policies.

In addition to a programme of conferences Green Week also has an exhibition with stands featuring best practices, projects and partnerships.

This year the intention is to make Green Week a carbon-neutral event, meaning that the activities associated with it will not contribute to climate change. As in previous years, efforts to minimise Green Week's other environmental impacts will continue.
Green Week coordination team, Bert Van Maele & Lena Reuterberg

Fax: 0032-2-7795960
Email: env-greenweek@cec.eu.int
URL: http://www.greenweek2005.eun.org
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