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"9th European Vegetarian Congress"
Wann? 01.10.2005 - 07.10.2005
Wo? IT-47838 Riccione, Italy, Le conchiglie Hotel
Was? The aim of the 9th European Vegetarian Congress is to celebrate two decades of a united European vegetarian movement and bring together the various European and international organisations who share our vision of a strong vegetarian Europe.

The Congress will focus on the most important issues of national and international concern to help build a better world from a vegetarian perspective.
To this end the congress will be truly international, counting on the participation of experienced well known speakers and key vegetarian opinion leaders to provide expert answers to all major problems that require the right vegetarian solutions.

Major Congress Themes
  • Vegetarianism and World Hunger
  • Vegetarianism and the Struggle for Animal Rights
  • Vegetarianism, Health and Athletic Performance
  • The Vegetarian Roots of Non-Violence
  • The Economics of Vegetarianism and Sustainable Living for a New World
  • Vegetarian Dialogue: the Art of Communicating the Vegetarian Message across the World
Kongreßsprachen italienisch und englisch, bei je mindestens 30 Teilnehmern Übersetzung auch in andere Sprachen.

Milano - V.le Brianza 20
Tel.: +3902-45471720 / Fax: +3902-45471721
Email: congress@vegetariani.it
URL: http://www.vegetariani.it
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