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Final Conference EU-LIFE Project "Sustainable Management of Wetlands and Shallow Lakes"
Wann? 28.10.2004 - 30.10.2004
Wo? D-88045 Friedrichshafen, Graf Zeppelin Haus
Was? The core objectives of the EU Life project "Sustainable Management of Wetlands and Shallow Lakes" are the protection and conservation of wetlands and their biodiversity. The two demonstration areas are typical for a great number of wetlands and shallow lakes in Europe, ecosystems of which two thirds have been destroyed during the past 50 years.

This conference will focus on the implementation of wetland restoration projects, measures and activities as well success and problems. Case studies from other areas will complete the conference.

The Conference is steered towards all institutions and organisations with a stake in the development, protection and use of wetland catchments, including community leaders, wetland managers and planners, agriculture, nature conservation & tourism experts as well as local businesses. Approximately 60 international and German participants are expected.

The course will be conducted in English. German information material will be provided.
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Fritz-Reichle-Ring 4, D-78315 Radolfzell
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