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Leo Zwarts, Rob G. Bijlsma, Jan van der Kamp: Living on the Edge
Wetlands and Birds in a Changing Sahel
What do Siberian-breeding ruffs, Ukrainian glossy ibises, Dutch purple herons and Spanish subalpine warblers have in common? They all winter in Africa's Sahel! You will find this information, and much more in Living on the edge, a tribute to the region's function as an important wintering area for long-distance migrants.

This fascinating book describes the challenges the birds have to cope with: climate change, of course, and rapid man-made habitat changes related to deforestation, irrigation and reclamation of wetlands.

How have all these changes affected the birds, and have birds adapted to these changes? Can we explain the changing numbers of breeding birds in Europe by changes in the Sahel, or vice versa? This book will answer more questions than you will be able to raise.

Gebundene Ausgabe - 564 Seiten - KNNV Publishing - Dezember 2009 - 64,95 €
ISBN: 9050112803 Jetzt bestellen: AMAZON